Darul Hikam International School

Integreated and Holistic Islamic Education System and IGCSE O'level University of Cambridge.


Education is aimed at a balanced growth of personality through tarbiyah of the intellect, emotion, spiritual, and physical willingly and joyfully for the sake of Allah swt.

Implementation Strategy

  1. Using the integrated  and Holistic Islamic Education System within the three domain of cognitive, affective and psychomotor development
  2. The approach to acquire knowledge using INSTRUCTIONAL, INVESTIGATIONAL and IMMERSION
  3. The Holistic Education process using : learning and teaching, Coaching, Training, Advisory/Counselling, Consultasy
  4. Student assessment and enhancement is based on potential not age
  5. classes conducted using small teacher : student ratio is 1 : 20
  6. Using the lastest methodology and tools available within the local and international market


  1. Masque
  2. Classroom with ratio of teacher to student is 1 : 10
  3. Standard facility of each classroom : multimedia computer, locker, etc
  4. Library
  5. Boarding school
  6. Dining Room
  7. Computer and languages laboratory with NCC access
  8. Science laboratory
  9. Internet access
  10. Art and cultural studio

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PSB 2014-2015

Kami Haturkan terima kasih
atas kepercayaan kepada kami.
saat ini kami hanya menerima pendaftaran
untuk Secondary International (smp-sma), sedangkan
untuk tingkat pg-tk-sd-smp-sma dan primary
sudah ditutup sesuai ketersediaan kursi.

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Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014  
28. Dzulhijjah 1435

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